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آپکے بجٹ اور ضرورت کے مطابق - ایف بی آر پوانٹ اف سیل سسٹم انٹگريشن

An online real-time FBR pos invoicing system for documentation of sales that connects the computerised sales system of Tier-1 retailers in Pakistan to FBR system through the internet. Local Retailers do not need to purchase any new machines to get linked with this system. They can get linked by simply using our easy to use and secure application in their existing machines. A barcode or QR code is automatically generated and printed on the invoice generated through a sale by our system. Customers can verify the sales tax payment through the Tax Asaan App. The FBR pos helps retailers in the automatic preparation of sales tax returns and thereby reducing their expenditure.

Easy to use and secure FBR pos invoicing system which includes FBR point of sale developed specially for Tier-1 retailers that need to be integrated with FBR. Tier3 as pos retailers integrated with FBR offers an easy and customisable sollution that helps you with pos integration with FBR. FBR POS integration is now mandatory for all tier-1 retailers in Pakistan irrespective of the items they are selling. All Tier-1 retailers whether dealing in textile and leather items or any other item are required by law to integrate their POSs with FBR system.

Our FBR pos software enables retailers to submit their sales,returns and exchanges. This FBR pos invoicing software makes the necessary adjustment to sales revenue and the same is also reflected in sales reported to FBR. Returns and exchanges are properly reflected, and the retailerS can make use of debit / credit notes and record the same in Annex-I of the monthly sales tax return. For online sales and e-commerece websites the tier-1 retailer in Pakistan can integrate the uusing the tility provided. Tjis will integrate their websites and ensure that the sales are reported to FBR and FBR invoice number and QR code are printed on the invoice generated and sent to the online customer.

It is also mandatory for all restaurants in Pakistan to integrate their POSs. Chapter XIV-A of the Sales Tax Rules, 2006 pertains to restaurants, snack bars, cafes etc. All such establishments, whether or not falling in category of tier-1 retailers, are required to integrate their POSs under the sales tax law.

Free Setup (0 Rs) and 1000 Rs per month only.

FBR POS and FBR POS Integration

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